Neuma Blonde Detangling Rinse 6.8 oz & 64 oz

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Product description
  • For those in search of more vibrant, fresher looking blondes tones including highlighted, high-lift, platinum and silver hair
  • Ground-breaking ingredients offer blonding that's not 100% artificial colorants, while neutralizing brassiness and safe for daily use
  • Spirulina & Grape Skin extract smooth hair
  • Marula seed oil, a colorless moisturizer, hydrates
  • Horsetail extract helps repair split ends

Impressively soft and manageable hair is yours. Botanical color filters and conditioners protect hair with infused active naturals. Seal hair cuticle and retain healthy brightness with this quick daily rinse. Aroma from pure essential oils of Corn Mint, Peppermint and Vanilla.